Rising, Together.

A network of female founders supporting each other's growth, cultivating connections, & reshaping the business landscape to align with our needs.

who we are

Our Mission

Foundrise was founded to empower and support women in advancing their businesses.We provide a space for women to forge strong connections, overcome business challenges, and collectively redefine the business landscape.

Rather than dictating the content, we engage in ongoing dialogues with our members to deeply understand their challenges, and spot reoccurring hurdles female founders face. This approach ensures that our online masterclasses and founder dinners foster a supportive environment where founders can freely express themselves, connect authentically, and collaboratively propel each other forward.


There’s a Major Gender Gap in the Startup Ecosystem

Women excel with 48% in tertiary education, yet they represent only 20% of startup founders and receive a mere 1% of venture capital funding. Fostering a strong female network is not just a call for equity; it's an investment in unlocking the untapped potential of half the population.

What we live by

Our Values

Fueling Growth

Our online masterclasses and founder dinners are dedicated to empowering female founders to break barriers, providing them with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to grow their business.

Building Bonds

We foster a culture of inclusivity, welcoming women from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences. We believe that diverse perspectives drive innovation and growth.

Reshaping Business

We prioritise mentorship as a core value, connecting our members with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who offer guidance, advice, and inspiration throughout their entrepreneurial journey.


Agata Andryszczak


Agata Andryszczak


A seasoned Financial Analyst and entrepreneurial powerhouse, Agata launched the highly successful Spoons of Taste, scaling it to a six-figure triumph. She established a venture coaching studio for female founders, assisting them in raising over €12 million in 2023 alone. In parallel, she lends her expertise as a VC advisor for Loyal VC across portfolio companies in Femtech and Consumer Space.

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Melanie Pallin

Brand Direction

Melanie Pallin

Brand Direction

A Fashion Communications alumna from Toronto Metropolitan University, Melanie brings a fusion of branding genius and web design flair. Her creative brainchild, Hexen Studio in Berlin, is known for its innovative approach to shaping brand identities.